• Convert your PDF files to Office Documents
    PDF2Office® Professional quickly converts PDF documents to Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® PowerPoint®, RTF and other popular file formats.
  • Fill in Static PDF forms Convert static PDF files into formatted documents so you can easily enter your own data inside text boxes.
  • Integration with Microsoft® Word PDF2Office® Professional is designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft® Word X-2008. Now, you can open and convert PDF documents directly from within Word itself!
  • Recover, Reuse and Repurpose data stored in PDF files
    Select just what you need, extract only the images or text to re-use within your favorite graphics applications or word processor.
  • 100% Leopard and Office 2008 Compatible
    PDF2Office® Professional v4.0 is designed to run and support Mac OS X Leopard and Office 2008.

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